Imagine That - Internet Marketing Strategy, web engineering, web analytics

Internet Marketing and Web Analytics Services

Imagine That delivers results oriented and metrics based Internet marketing services. Our measurable results are based upon our extensive experience in online marketing strategy development, web architecture engineering, website marketing and web analytics.

The core of our service is the business intelligence obtained through the use of web analytics, which allows our clients to make key business decisions based upon fact, not opinion. We utilize a strategy that supports the ability to integrate both offline and online marketing initiatives, giving clients real-time business intelligence that aids in an improved return on investment for all marketing initiatives.

Our strategy is based upon many years of experience in web architecture engineering, which focuses on the methodologies, techniques and tools that are at the foundation of website development. Since all of the software used in website development can, and will affect a website's usability and search engine visibility (aka search engine ranking), our approach is a holistic one that combines expertise in both Internet marketing and web architecture engineering.

What we deliver are not only measurable results, but real-time business intelligence on all marketing initiatives. By incorporating an effective marketing strategy, web engineering know-how and web analytics, our clients have visibility into the results of all of their marketing initiatives as they are happening. Not after the fact, not months later when they see a P & L statement from the accounting department, but in real time. This allows our clients to effectively manage their marketing dollars in order to achieve the best possible return on investment. It also allows them to make key revenue driving business decisions based upon fact, not simply opinion or experience.

As a full service Internet marketing company, we offer: